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Digital door locks are booming in popularity in Singapore as the demand for smart homes rises. Smart homes enable owners to entirely automate their homes to monitor and manage home functions through technology. For many homeowners, digital door or gate locks are an ideal first step towards their smart home as it enhances their quality of life and enjoyment of their living space. Their widespread appeal is due to their ability to offer undeniable convenience and robust security. But have you ever wondered how they work? In this article, we will look at how some of the most common digital door lock functions. 

What Is A Digital Door Lock?

A digital door lock is a locking device that uses electronic signals to unlock a door instead of a traditional physical key. While pin codes keypads are most frequently used, unlocking with fingerprints, RFID, Bluetooth or Wifi is also available. 

Digital door and gate locks are also more convenient because you don't have to carry a key with you. You can give access to family members or anyone you choose instead of carrying around physical keys that they may misplace or forget. 

How To Use A Digital Door Lock

Digital door locks work like your standard key lock, just without the physical presence of a key. The digital lock is typically installed on the main door with a locking mechanism that rotates as you lock or unlock your door. 

Depending on what you install, there are various methods for unlocking your main door. Housing Development Board (HDB) flat dwellers in Singapore can install digital locks on either the metal gates outside their homes or their doors. Prefer to have someone install it for you? Consider making your purchase with An Digital Lock, and let our expert locksmiths do it for you. Next, let’s delve deeper into the range of door locks available to homeowners.

Types Of Digital Door Lock

1. Fingerprint

A fingerprint door lock uses fingerprint recognition to unlock the door, only granting access if the fingerprint matches the stored fingerprint. All it takes is a tap of your fingers and open sesame; your gate or door is open. They are also more secure than traditional locks with physical keys, as it is much harder to obtain your fingerprint as compared to your keys. Can’t wait to get your fingers on one of them? Browse our extensive range of digital fingerprint door locks - it will have something to suit any budget.

2. Pin Code

Digital door locks with a pin code work by having a digital keypad on the front of the door. You will need to enter the correct pin code, usually between four and eight digits long, into the keypad to unlock the door. With just a four-digit pin code, there are 10,000 combinations of possible passcodes, offering your home greater security as compared to a single key. Similar to the fingerprint door lock, it provides users easy access with a few clicks of the keypad instead of the hassle of fumbling with our keys. Choose convenience and style with our opulent Kaadas K9 Pin Code Digital Door Lock

3. RFID 

RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is a non-contact technology that uses a key in the form of a card or fob. The key cards transmit a signal to the card reader through a smart chip to unlock their main doors. After the lock is released, the door can be opened and will lock automatically when the door closes again. Due to the non-contact nature of RFID, this type of digital door lock is advantageous when you have your hands full. Place your RFID into your lanyard for ease of access into your home, hands-free. Say goodbye to the days of searching for your keys with our Samsung RFID Digital Door Lock.

4. Bluetooth & Wifi

Everyone has a smartphone these days, and with it comes Wifi and Bluetooth functionalities. Such locks are paired with your smartphone, and Bluetooth locks even encrypt the data transmitted to your paired devices. Simply head close to your lock, let your smartphone transit a signal and let it automatically open up your door. In addition, Bluetooth security authenticates, authorises and encrypts your data to prevent unauthorised entry. Check out our Philips’ Bluetooth and Wifi Digital Door Lock to keep your home secure now. 

Test Out A Digital Door Lock At Our Showroom

Itching to try out or purchase a digital lock for your home? Head down to our showrooms conveniently located in the North, East and West of Singapore to test out our locks and let us make your home more secure. Alternatively, browse our extensive range of digital door locks in our online store! 

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