A famous singer once sang, “home is where the heart is”, and this statement proves true for many homeowners. You start by buying a house that eventually becomes a home. Remember when you were house hunting, and some of the places you visited didn’t meet your criteria, or it just didn’t feel right for you even when they did.

A sentimentalist might say that choosing a forever home is like choosing the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Whether you live in a condominium, a HDB unit or a landed house, your home provides you with personal space, comfort, and security.

The Rise of the Smart Home

With technology being ever so present in our modern society with gadgets like smartphones that take care of many aspects of your lives, the “smart” concept has now been introduced into our homes. Smart homes are houses integrated with neat devices that control different functions of your home through an internet connection system.

These smart devices have the technology to monitor and manage certain appliances and functions of your home, such as lighting, air-conditioning systems, refrigerators, televisions, coffee machines, alarm systems and even the locking of your main door.

One of the biggest benefits of using such innovative technology in your home is to encourage energy efficiency by controlling and managing expenses such as water, heating, cooling and lighting. It also provides an undeniable convenience and improved security that adds to the homeowner’s quality of life and enjoyment of their living space. If you’re considering incorporating a smart system into your home, investing in a digital door lock or gate lock can be an ideal first step towards a fully fledged automated home.

What Are Digital Door Locks?

Digital door locks have been around for some yere but were primarily used in public spaces like banks, hotels, offices, schools and hospitals. In recent years, world-renowned companies like Samsung and Phillips have developed digital door and gate locks for residences. Digital door locks eliminate the hassle of constantly carrying around house keys. Access methods include

Many models also allow you to control access to your home remotely. Although primarily used on main doors, digital locks can also be used on most residential doors, including bedroom and bathroom doors. Some companies have also manufactured weather-proof smart locks for use on garage doors and the like.

There are various types of digital locks:

  • Push-pull locks: These are mortise locks that open with a gentle push or pull motion
  • Smart lever locks: These are mortise locks featuring the traditional mechanisms of pushing down on a handle
    • E.g.: Philips 7300 Digital Door Lock
  • Rim locks: These are locks fitted to the external surface of the door, as opposed to inside the door frame
  • Deadbolt locks: These locks feature a bolt that extends into the door frame and are usually paired with a latch or knob

Shop with AN Digital Lock Today

Among all the new home security smart products available on the market, digital door locks are arguably one of the most valuable investments you can make for your new home. While installation costs in some countries can range into the thousands, shop for your new digital door lock at AN Digital Lock and enjoy free installations and 24/7 technical support in Singapore. We are experienced at installing digital locks on the doors of HDB units, condominiums and landed properties.

You can also visit us at any one of our three showrooms conveniently located around Singapore at Sembawang, Boon Lay or Peyar Lebar to view our products in person. Get started on the journey towards a smart home today!

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