Samsung and Philips are huge electronics corporations with a reputation for producing quality, cutting-edge products for their customers. Those looking to buy a digital door lock in Singapore might find themselves considering a product created by one of these two technology juggernauts.

There are many digital locks on the market, and it might be difficult to differentiate between the qualities they bring to the table. This blog post will go into detail on a few comparable digital door locks from both Samsung and Philips to help aid your decision making process on which digital lock might be best for your main gate or door. 

Digital Push Pull Lock

As the name implies, push pull locks are a type of mortise lock that require a gentle push or pull motion to open the door. Mortise locks secure the door into the door frame using a latch as well as a bolt. The Samsung SHP-DR708 Digital Door Lock and, Philips 9200 Digital Door Lock are great examples of premium push pull locks. Both offer various methods of unlocking the door, some of which include the use of a pin code, fingerprint, smartphone app and mechanical key among others. Do note that the NFC locking mechanism of the Samsung model will only be available for those using Android phones. Additionally, the Philips 9200 comes in 4 different colours of copper, black, silver and gold, while the Samsung SHP-DR708 is only available in an elegant two-toned black and gold option.

Digital Smart Lever Lock

Smart level locks are another type of mortise lock. Those who prefer the traditional mechanisms of pushing down on a handle to open a door might appreciate investing in a digital smart level lock. The Samsung SHS-H505 Digital Door Lock and Philips 7300 Digital Door Lock are both examples of advanced digital smart level locks. The Philips model is designed to be opened either with a pin code, fingerprint or a key card. On the other hand, the Samsung digital door lock does not feature any biometric function and can instead be opened with 2 options—a pin code or a RFID card. At AN Digital Lock, we curate a range of quality products at different price points for our customers in Singapore. The Samsung SHS-H505 costs $540 SGD, while the Philips 7300 costs $780 SGD.

Digital & Deadbolt Lock

Those who want to experience the convenience of a digital door lock but believe they might still make use of their physical keys from time to time might want to consider investing in a deadbolt lock that also features a  pin code function. Designed with a prominent mechanical key slot located below its sleek touch-screen number pad, the Samsung SHP-DS510 Digital Door Lock offers the best of both worlds. Switch between using an access code to unlock your door on days when you want to travel light without your keys, or do things the old school way by simply unlocking your main door with a mechanical key.

Digital Rim Locks

Rim locks are generally more affordable than the other options discussed above as the locking mechanism is fitted to the external surfaces of the door, as opposed to a say, a mortise lock, which is installed inside the door itself. Regardless, rim locks like the Philips 5100 Digital Door Lock and the Samsung SHS-1321 Digital Door Lock are home protective and elegant home security devices. Both models can be unlocked using a pin code and card, but the Philips model provides the additional option of unlocking the door using a fingerprint.

Experience Our Range of Digital Door Locks at Our Showroom

Pay a visit to one of our three showrooms conveniently located around Singapore at Paya Lebar, Sembawang and Boon Lay to test out the variety of digital door locks we have on offer. Besides household names like Samsung and Philips, we also curate a range of home security products from brands such as igloohome, Hafele and Kaadas among many others.

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