Benefits Of Digital Locks For Glass Doors In Singapore

Glass doors are the norm for many corporate offices, public offices, and businesses in Singapore. Glass cabins,  glass partitions,  and sliding glass doors are seen as encouraging transparency and camaraderie in the workplace for both your employees and potential customers. Glass doors also make the entire workspace look brighter and more spacious while appearing fresher and smarter. 

However as attractive as they are, glass doors also need to be secured firmly especially for busy offices with high footfall. A smart and advanced security system with a digital glass door lock is the safest way to protect your office. Let’s see how a digital lock can become an indispensable element of your business or office security plan. 

Benefits of Installing a Digital Door Lock for Glass Doors

Offices and businesses are some of the busiest locations around with several people coming and going through them everyday. Apart from employees, regular visitors might include customers, vendors, maintenance staff and delivery personnel. This makes it very difficult to keep track of all those who enter and exit through the sliding doors of your office or business, yet you still want to be able to keep your logistics safe and your employees protected. With digital door locks, you can manage all this traffic efficiently and keep track of all the footfall your office receives. Let’s see how:

1. Superior security 

Offices contain expensive items including company products, expensive machines and devices such as computers, screens, and printers, and most importantly,  confidential and sensitive documents. You absolutely need foolproof security to ensure that all these items are protected during all hours of the day and night. A digital glass door lock is the best security system to  protect your establishment from burglaries and thefts. High-tech access features such as fingerprint scan, PIN codes, RFID cards, Bluetooth, and Wifi make daily operation of a digital lock very smooth and convenient as only those people who have authorised access can enter at any given time.

2. Effective footfall tracking 

Large offices may have multiple cabins and work areas which contain business critical equipment, files, documents and computers; these areas often require a restricted access policy so that only certain members of the staff can enter. Installing digital locks on the glass doors of such areas will allow you to create exclusive PIN codes so that these areas remain off limits and safe from anyone other than authorised staff members.

With unique access enabled for individual employees, you can easily maintain a track of your staff's timings and regularity in entering and leaving the office. You can also conveniently set up limited time access for maintenance and housekeeping staff. The latest digital locks like the Loghome LH-300GCS Digital Glass Door Lock even allow you to create separate fingerprint scans or PIN codes allowing you to monitor the activities of every single person who has access to various areas of your office or business. 

3. Easy remote management

You can easily access a digital door lock remotely to lock or unlock your office if the situation demands, maintaining firm control on all security of all areas of your office no matter where you are. Some digital door locks like the Philips EasyKey 9300 Digital Smart Lock can pair with a smartphone application to send you instant warnings if there is any attempt to tamper with the lock. In times of emergency, you can instantly add, update, and delete the password or remove access for certain individuals. 

Installing a digital door lock on the glass doors of your office in Singapore not only ensures that all your office assets are protected at all times, but it also grants your staff a feeling of safety and security while they go about their work.

4. Stylish appearance

Digital door locks such as the Samsung Digital Glass Door Lock SHS-G510 complement the aesthetics of your office glass doors with their sleek and stylish designs. They elevate the mood and interior design theme of your office interior space, making it look more tech savvy and secure.  When your customers and clients notice the latest digital door locks on all the glass doors of your office, it will also increase their confidence in your business. Moreover a digital lock with its smooth and sturdy appearance acts as a visual deterrent as potential intruders will know that it is impossible to break into your business or office. 

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