In an era dominated by technology, the use of digitised security systems is becoming increasingly popular. Above all, more people are turning toward digital door locks and fingerprint scanners to protect their homes.

However, one question that might have crossed your mind is: are digital locks truly safe? If you’ve been considering getting a digital lock for your main door and are wondering about the same thing, take a look at what we have to say.

Are Digital Door Locks Really Safe?

In summary, digital door locks are safe to use. There are different functions that each digital security system possesses based on the models that you’re looking for. Some of these functions include fingerprint usage, PIN codes, radio frequency identification (RFID) access, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The one thing all these access methods have in common is that they help to create both an efficient and convenient security system for you and your family.

When compared to manual locks, digital locks are equally safe. However, it’s important to note that the quality of the materials used for the digital locks also play a part in ensuring its effectiveness.

Can Digital Locks be Hacked?

As with any kind of digitised platform, digital locks have the potential to be hacked if the software isn’t up to date or secure. That’s why we recommend doing your homework and going for a system that’s both current and trustworthy. Many of our products carried at AN Digital Lock are from cutting-edge companies using the latest technologies and physical materials. Take a look at The Top 5 Digital Door Locks in Singapore (2021) for an idea of what locks are popular among homeowners in Singapore.

If this is a huge concern, there is always the option of also keeping your manual locks in place as an added security measure. That being said, don’t forget that manual locks are not foolproof as they are susceptible to lockpicking.

What if the Power Goes Out?

Most digital lock systems usually have battery powered functions and can continue to last during a power outage. However, there may be instances where your connection to your security firm is affected in real time, affecting your home security.

For unexpected circumstances like this, it’s best to consult our team to find out how you can best prepare and secure your home.

Some Benefits of Using a Digital Door Lock

No Need for Keys: With a digital lock system, you don’t need to worry about carrying a bunch of keys around or fear losing them or having them stolen.

Burglary Detection: You'll be able to tell if the person who made his or her way into your home is someone who has been granted access, or whether the person is an intruder. Many digital locks have built-in warning alarm systems that go off upon malicious tampering. In comparison, manual locks can be easily picked, sometimes even without your knowledge.

Good for the Elderly/Physically Impaired: Many digitised security systems are mobile friendly, which means that these groups of people can effortlessly lock and unlock their doors by using their phones or another access method like RFID cards. Using manual keys can sometimes be a painstaking process for them.

Aesthetically Pleasing: Let’s be honest, a sleek digital lock looks so much better on your main door than a rusty and clunky lock. While it’s not the main aspect for investing in a digital security system, digital locks do add a layer of elegance to your home that is superior to regular mechanical locks.

The Verdict

In summary, digital door locks are an efficient way to keep your home safe and secure. While there are some considerations to take into account, it’s important to do your research and find a suitable security system that best caters to your needs and your home.

Our team at AN Digital Lock is dedicated to ensuring that your main door, back door and other parts of your home are safe and secure. Besides digital door locks, we also carry other products to help to optimise your home security. To try out our digital door locks in person before committing to a purchase, feel free to visit us at our showrooms located conveniently around Singapore at Paya Lebar, Sembawang and Boon Lay.

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