Panasonic Evolta Alkaline Batteries

Panasonic Evolta Alkaline Battery is our preferred and recommended brand of batteries to power your digital locks as well as electronic devices.

We have tested many brands and models of batteries, we came to a conclusion that Panasonic Evolta is one of the best battery model that last the longest that also has a ANTI-LEAK Protection.

Many other brands that also has alkaline batteries might not be suitable or compatible with digital locks as their power output could be different. 

Long lasting alkaline battery

Why keep looking for other alkaline batteries is you have the Panasonic EVOLTA? This alkaline battery has an exceptional performance in low, middle and high drain products. To reduce the bulk of the gasket and the can, the EVOLTA batteries feature an improved structure. This provides more space for active ingredients for longer-lasting performance. A strong internal structure and tough outer coating has resulted in very high impact resistance with a lower rate of defective conductivity after dropping. Short-circuit reduces the chance of malfunction when polarities are accidentally reversed. The result is a superior alkaline battery that outperforms any other battery in power and safety. Next to this, the EVOLTA has a higher energy efficiency and can last longer which means you'll have to replace them less quickly. And the less batteries you need and use, the lower the impact on the environment.

EVOLTA and other Panasonic batteries

Why should you choose the EVOLTA batteries from Panasonic? Because they have the longest lasting and an exceptional performance, they won't leak if you use them in a correct way and even when you don't use them, they keep energy for up to 10 years. Next to the EVOLTA batteries, Panasonic has also other ranges of alkaline batteries.

Key Features

The ultimate long lasting alkaline battery. Exceptional performance in low, mid and high drain products. Eco ideas: higher energy efficiency = less batteries needed = less impact for the environment. High Premium alkaline range: developed to meet the power needs of today’s electronic appliances.



Buying from Parallel imports could be a risk as it might not be genuine.



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