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Noble and luxurious, The Legend is the first in the world to incorporate the design of Lamborghini onto a digital lock. Revolutionary in its time, The Legend advances every concept of digital lock design and immediately set itself as the benchmark for digital lock. Giving a glimpse of the future today, The Legend is the perfect fusion of technology and design. With its crisp lines, you’ll get a thrill just by looking at it. The only thing better than taking in this beauty from a distance is actually touching it. Now with Face Recognition, you won't even need to touch the lock itself to unlock it.


5 access methods
Facial, Fingerprint, PIN code, CPU Card, Mechanical Key

Sensitive smart wake-up
Automatic and swift detection within one meter

Sweden Fingerprint Cards (FPC) sensor
World’s leading biometric sensor, accurate and secured

CPU dynamic encryption card
Highly secured and copy prevention

Integrated parabolic design
7.6 degree curved surface design fits the palm well and brings the thrill of a quick unlocking

Inside handle with built-in sensor
Automatically detects grip on the handle to unlock the door from inside

Automated lock body
Quick response when opening and auto-lock when the door is closed

Lithium battery
Larger capacity for longer battery life


    Kaadas Reliability




    Material Zinc alloy

    Front body: H 440.2 * W 72.3 * D67.2 mm

    Back body: H 439.8 * W 76.2 * D67.2 mm

    Voice guide language Chinese,English(default)
    Applicative Door Wooden doors
    Applicative Door Thickness 40-60mm
    Color Copper / Gold
    Type of lock body Automatic Lock body
    Unlocking way


    Master Password 1
    User Password 6
    One-time Password 4
    Facial Recognition 20 Faces
    Password length 6-12 digits
    Type of card CPU
    Card capacity 100
    Type of FPG Semi-conductor
    Identification time <0.5 sec
    Fingerprints Capacity 100
    Double Locking mode Automatic
    Power Supply Lithium Battery, 5000mA/h
    Power Supply Information

    Full Charge - 4hours

    Last for 4-6months

    Emergency power supply Micro USB port
    Mechanical cylinder&key Yes
    Anti panic Yes
    Open direction Universal


    Our Advice:


    1) Minimum scanning of face is one arm length away, if you stand too close to lock, you won't be detected and lock will prompt that you are too near.

    2) Unable to register face with a face mask on. No issue with glasses.

    3) There is a height limit of 1.3m to 2m for the facial recognition to work. For the older types of HDB houses where there are steps leading up to the door, have to include the height of the steps.

    1) Charging cable is provided.

    2) Lock uses their own rechargeable batter and power should last about 4 months for one full charge.

    3) Extra battery can be purchased at $79 each. Recommended to purchase extra rechargeable battery to avoid down time or charge at night when everybody is home. 

    Our tips to prolong the life span of your digital lock:

    1) Use only ALKALINE batteries

    2) Do not use rechargeable batteries or mix new batteries with old batteries

    3) Change batteries every 6 months to prevent batteries leakage

    4) Install door closer to prevent your door from slamming, otherwise, warranty will be void


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