Which Digital Door Locks are Best for Families with Children in Singapore?

In our previous blog, we have seen how digital door locks can protect and safeguard your children at home. Digital locks are a must-have smart tech for all modern homes in Singapore, especially for those looking to experience the unparalleled levels of security they offer. You can secure your home with a digital lock and go about your day knowing that your living space and children are safe at all times. But given the vast array of digital locks available in the market today, which of the many options will cater to all your needs? We dive further into this and explore the digital locks that just might be the best fit for your HDB flat door or condo main door in Singapore. Here are our top 4 picks:

1. Igloo Mortise 2 Digital Lock

The Igloohome Smart Mortise 2 is a premium digital lock equipped with the latest technology to deliver the best security. The lock can be unlocked via PIN codes, Bluetooth key and RFID credentials. Manufactured in Korea, this digital lock is packed with features that make it ideal for a home with children. The child and pet safety function prevents any accidental unlocking of the door from inside. But there are more features that ensure the safety of your kids. For guests who have been given a “Duration PIN” you can also track the dates and times at which they access the lock via the access logs. Moreover, the circuit board is designed to prevent shock in case of a high voltage surge. Fire scare? The mortise will automatically unlock in the case of a fire. With in-built sensors, the mortise will not only automatically unlock when it detects high indoor temperatures but also lock when the door is closed.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: $669.00 (Or 3 payments of $223.00)

2. Kaadas X Lamborghini FR Digital Lock

Originating in the capital of locks in Germany, Verbert, the Kaadas X Lamborghini FR is super sleek and luxurious in design. This digital lock uses next generation technology, and is full of features that will ensure that your children will be safe at home, protected from potential intruders at all hours. The unique face recognition technology integrated into this lock uses a three-dimensional (3D) sensor light to scan the visitors faces with high accuracy through thousands of identifying points. Leveraging such technology, there is not a chance that anyone other than authorised persons can enter your home. Apart from facial recognition, the lock comes with a fingerprint sensor, PIN code, CPU Card and a mechanical key to unlock the door.  The triple bolt mortise lock and CPU Dynamic Encrypted RFID features give it that edge to provide your home a multi-tiered security which is just what you want to ensure the safety of your children. The automated lock design responds instantly when opening the door and locks automatically when the door is closed. It also has built-in sensors that detect grip on the handle to unlock the door from inside. 

PAYMENT OPTIONS: $1,489.00 (Or 3 payments of $496.33) 

3. Samsung SHP-DP 609 Digital Lock

The easy to operate ‘push and pull’ design of the Samsung SHP-DP609 lock makes it ideal for children. Keep real-time track of visitors to your home and receive instant alerts on your smartphone when your children or other family members arrive or leave home. You can set a duration password, granting a limited time access to caregivers and other professional home service providers. Never worry about your kids being locked out of home when they forget their keys, because you can also remotely open the lock through your smartphone app. 

PAYMENT OPTIONS: $970.00 (Or 3 payments of $323.33)

4. Hafele PP9000 Digital Lock

Manufactured by one of the top digital lock makers in Germany, the Hafele PP9000 digital lock is a mortise lock meant to replace the handle lever or handle bar on your HDB door handle. Hafele locks are known for their high-quality, durable, and feature packed locks which are available at reasonable prices. This specific lock is equipped with an emergency warning system which will alert you instantly on your smartphone if there is any unauthorised attempt to unlock the lock. The door also has a panic release function which, when activated, will open the door from inside. The lock also allows you to activate a double verification process where you can use a combination of 2 or 3 verification methods to unlock the door. Features like the ‘privacy mode from indoors’, ‘more safety with away mode’ and lock ‘freeze after 10 wrong code entries’ makes this lock extra secure and ideal to safeguard children at home. 

PAYMENT OPTIONS: $1,199.00 (Or 3 payments of $399.67)

Digital Door Locks: A Must for Modern Singapore Homes

When your children are able to efficiently use a digital lock and have their own unique access codes, it also imparts a sense of responsibility in them. Security aspects aside, digital door locks also add to the aesthetics of your door with their sleek designs and smooth metallic finish that will integrate smoothly with all types of hdb doors and gates in Singapore. The range and variety of digital door locks with the latest technologies available today makes it easy to select one that suits your budget and requirements. So, what are you waiting for?  Maintain the security of our homes and the safety of our loved ones and never leave it to chance.

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