How Digital Door Locks Help Families With Young Children In SG

Digital Door Locks

The safety and security of your children is paramount, and you need to to ensure that your home remains a safe haven for your children even when you are away. Installing digital locks in your HDB flat or landed property not only help protect your children when you are away from home, but also safeguards your abode throughout the hours of the day and night. Modern digital locks offer the best of both worlds - top class security functions paired with ultra sleek and stylish designs to suit every home and door. Read on to learn how a digital lock for your door or gate can be your ally in protecting and safeguarding your children at home.

How Parents in Singapore Can Benefit from Digital Door Locks 

Digital lock technology allows greater convenience and security when safeguarding your homes and protecting your family. Digital door locks harness smart technology to elevate security. This is done by incorporating number pads, RFID cards, biometric fingerprint scans, bluetooth, and wifi capabilities to make the process of locking and unlocking doors more convenient. Restricting entry methods in these ways keeps out any strangers who might otherwise be able to gain unauthorised entry into your home, which is often possible with traditional locks and keys. For added safety, you can pair your digital door locks with digital door viewers with video feeds to safely identify your visitors before you open the door. 

Digital locks are also easy to handle. Moreover, you can control who gets access as you can add new fingerprints to a fingerprint recognition lock system. If your children are old enough, you can teach them to unlock and lock the main door or gate so that you can be at peace knowing that they are absolutely safe when they are at home alone.

1. Keyless convenience

What a relief it is to not have to worry anymore about your children forgetting their keys or losing the keys to your home! With a digital lock on your gate or main door, your kids only have to enter the access code or scan their RFID card or fingerprint in order to unlock the door. This means that if your children return from school or other activities when no one else is home, they can easily and safely unlock the main door without any hassle. Once they are inside, the automatic locking function will lock the door within a few seconds even if your children forget to do so. 

2. Set Timings for Digital Lock

Digital locks can be configured to provide access to trusted individuals who may not reside in your  family home. For example, your childrens’ grandparents, babysitters or caregivers who might visit regularly when you are not at home can be given their own unique, one-time access codes or RFID cards. This way, your own personal codes do not have to be shared. Digital lock technology also enables you to track who accessed your home and at what time, helping you monitor any movement in and out of your home remotely. You can even pre-set the digital lock to grant caregivers or babysitters access only during their scheduled visits.

3. Smart Tracking 

Parents are always concerned about the safety of their children, and ‘stranger danger’ is one of the most common worries to deal with if you have to leave your kids alone at home for long periods at a time. A digital door lock can be your partner in making sure that no unauthorised person enters your home when your children are alone at home. Almost all branded digital locks are linked to a smartphone app, allowing you to remotely control who has access to your home.

You can get instant notifications whenever the digital lock is unlocked. Even if there is a suspicious attempt to unlock it, you will be immediately alerted of the possible intruder and safety threat. Even when you are busy at work, these digital lock apps help you conveniently keep track of your home via your smartphone. You can also check if your children get home from their school, classes, and other activities at regular times - letting you peacefully focus at work since you know your children’s safety is guaranteed with the click of a button. 

Best Security for Your Home in Singapore

An Digital Lock is the key to a safe home for your family. Whether you are looking for a digital lock for your HDB front door in Singapore, a digital fingerprint lock for your landed property, or a digital gate lock for the metal gate of your condo, we have it all and more! Explore our online shop for our entire range of branded digital locks, home security products and accessories. Enjoy exclusive bundle deals when you shop online or contact us for more information on our products and services. 

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