Top 5 Affordable Top-Quality Digital Locks in Singapore

Some homeowners in Singapore have the misconception that a digital door lock is a fancy, high-tech piece of equipment that is out of their price range. Wrong! There are many surprisingly affordable digital locks on the market.

An Digital Lock has been providing affordable digital locks to Singaporeans for many years. In addition, our partnership with Atome allows for three easy interest free installments, so you can buy now, pay later! 

Here are the most popular digital door locks below $700! 

#1 Kaadas R7 Digital Rim Door Lock

It is incredibly rare to find such a great value buy from a luxurious brand such as Kaadas! They are known for their range of high-end digital locks. But when it comes to something affordable and reliable, the Kaadas R7 Digital Rim Door Lock is all you need.  Access is given through fingerprint, pin code and RFID cards. When you leave the house, you can fully secure your home by activating the double-locking and automatic locking function. This Kaadas lock currently has a 20% discount, making it even more reasonably priced at $399.00 or 3 monthly payments of $133 with Atome.

#2 Loghome LH-310S Digital Door Lock

The Loghome LH-310S Digital Door Lock is a simple rim lock that can fit on your existing HDB or condo main door without removing your handle. Secure access is provided through a 4 to 12 digit pin code and the use of RFID cards.

Loghome is a Korean brand known for their reliable, durable locks. Learn more about them and their extensive collection of digital locks for metal gates, glass doors, and wooden doors in Singapore!

Priced affordably at $280 or 3 payments of $93.33, the LH-310 is an excellent choice for first-time digital lock buyers or more budget conscious individuals looking to save on costs.

#3 Igloohome Deadbolt 2S Digital Lock

Said to be the world’s slimmest deadbolt digital lock, the Smart Deadbolt 2S is a lock that gives access through pin codes, Bluetooth, or a physical key for emergencies. 

This lock allows you to grant access remotely, so if someone shows up to your property when you aren’t in and you want to give access, there’s no need to rush home! 

Additionally, the access is fully customisable. You can set up one-time passcodes that last a specific duration for say, cleaners, or recurring passcodes to be used by family members. 

Priced at $475 or 3 payments of $158.33, the Deadbolt 2S is an outstanding choice if you want full control over access to your home.

#4  Hafele ER5100 Digital Lock

This Hafele ER5100 Digital Lock by German brand Hafele allows fingerprint access in addition to RFID card and pin code. The ER5100 is a rim lock meant to be installed with an existing handle lever.  It is not meant to replace your handle bar but to complement it.

Suitable for HDB or condominium main doors,, this fingerprint digital lock can record up to 100 RFID cards, 10 user passwords and 100 sets of fingerprints. With a  beautiful matte silver finishing for its frame, it will elevate the decor and design of any home. It is truly a elegant and high-tech steal at $499 or 3 payments of $166.33! 

#5 Philips EasyKey 6100 Digital Door Lock

The only lock priced slightly above $500, the Philips EasyKey 6100 is too good to pass up. Sleek, stylish, and made of top-quality materials, this digital lock also grants access with fingerprints in addition to RFID cards, pin codes and a mechanical key. 

With dual verification for extra security, the fully automatic mortise locking system allows you to unlock and open in one fluid movement. One-time passwords can also be given to friends or workers that need temporary access to your home. 

At $699 or 3 payments of $233, this lock from a renowned brand like Philips is excellent value for money. 

Lock Up Good Deals With An Digital Lock

An affordable lock does not mean it is inferior in quality. An Digital Lock provides many different digital locks of excellent quality to suit all budgets and there is bound to be something for you.  Browse our online store or drop us a message to chat about how we can make your home safer for you and your family! 

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