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Known for producing sleek and luxurious digital door locks, Kaadas is a luxury digital lock brand that has been making waves in the smart home community. Headquartered in Germany and Shenzhen, China–one of the world’s foremost technological hubs– Kaadas designs intuitive smart door locks according to the company's adherence to innovation, quality, integrity and craftsmanship. 

Here are 5 of the most popular Kaadas door locks available on AN Digital Lock. All locks are suitable for most main doors in Singapore

#5. Kaadas R7 Digital Door Lock

The Kaadas R7 is a sleek and compact digital door lock with a thickness of only 48mm.  Suitable for the main doors of homes and commercial offices in Singapore, this keyless lock boasts a variety of different access methods including the use of fingerprints, touch-screen keypad, RF card, bluetooth and mechanical key. This lock also possesses other useful functions like an anti-theft mode for when you leave your house to go on vacations or business trips. Forced entry will immediately activate a warning siren to deter intruders. Choose from a range of three compelling colours of matt black, bright chrome and champagne gold to suit your home’s aesthetic.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: $399 (OR 3 installments of $133 each)

#4. Kaadas RX-C Digital Door Lock

If you’re looking for a digital deadbolt lock, or an entry-level smart lock, the Kaadas RX-C might be right up your alley. Compatible with third-party home automation systems, home owners have the option of controlling their door lock from the Kaadas smart phone app. Featuring three simple unlocking mechanisms– pin code, bluetooth and mechanical key for those who like the added security of carrying around a physical key with them. This lock is designed to be easy for the layman to install, but there’s no need to worry about the installation process when you shop with AN Digital Lock as we provide complimentary door installation and 24/7 customer support services.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: $279 (OR 3 installments of $93 each)

#3. Kaadas K9 Digital Door Lock

The Kaadas K9 is a digital door lock featuring a push-pull mechanism. This means that there is almost no friction at all as all it takes is one gentle push to unlock the door. The cutting-edge Sweden FPC fingerprint sensor requires only one second for the door to unlock with the option to store up to 100 fingerprints, perfect for large families living together. All Kaadas lock designs go through rigorous rounds of testing including anti-static testing, latch-bolt testing and shock resistance testing to ensure that the final product delivers only a quality experience and optimum security. Buyers can choose between a matt black or copper colour for this model to suit their personal taste. 

PAYMENT OPTIONS: $849 (OR 3 installments of $283 each)

#2. Kaadas L7 Digital Door Lock

The Kaadas L7 digital door lock is a fully automatic mortise lock designed with an elegant smart handle to make the experience of opening and closing the main door smooth and swift. The fingerprint scanner is embedded into the door’s handle to allow a convenient and intuitive one-grip access. The mortise technology in this lock offers triple protection as it is resistant to crashes, lock picking and sawing to keep your home safe from intruders. For even more protection, users can enable the Double Locking function, meaning that the door will only be unlocked after providing both the password and a fingerprint. Families with young children can also activate the Safe Handle function, which allows the indoor handle to be locked to prevent children from accidentally unlocking the door. 

PAYMENT OPTIONS: $699 (OR 3 installments of $233 each)

#1. Kaadas x Lamborghini (The Legend)

Last but not least is the infamous Kaadas x Lamborghini (The Legend) digital door lock. This push-pull smart door lock is designed  in partnership with luxury sports car manufacturer Lamborghini. The Legend is a must-have item for those who desire a luxury smart-home system and is probably one of the most revolutionary digital locks on the market. Bringing together the best of smart technology and design, this elegant and futuristic door lock even comes with an in-built door bell alongside all its other features. Eight batteries in this digital door lock guarantees a long life but there's also an external micro USB port for emergency charging situations. 

PAYMENT OPTIONS: $1,189 (OR 3 installments of $396 each)

Shop at AN Digital Lock for a digital door lock today. To view our locks in person before making a purchase, visit us at any one of our showrooms conveniently located across Singapore at Boonlay, Sembawang and Paya Lebar. 

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