The History of the Digital Door Lock

Digital door locks have become popular in Singapore for the high security, convenience and safety offered by modern digital lock technology. It is a hassle free way to secure your home during all hours of the day and night without having to worry about carrying a bunch of keys. As we enjoy the style and functionality of a digital lock on our main doors, let’s take a journey through the history and evolution of the digital door lock. 

Early Versions of a Digital Door Lock

The lock industry reached its peak in the mid-19th century with the industrial revolution. The earliest version of the digital lock – which would open only at a pre-set time – was invented in 1873 by an inventor named James Sargent. In 1880 Sargent even created an advanced time delay lock that could be set to open after a preset time. 

In 1976 another innovator, Tor Sornes, invented the first mechanical card lock. The Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia was the first to use these mechanical card locks for its guest rooms. The success of this measure later triggered the research of more lock and security technologies to create electronic locks which found their earliest and most widespread use in the hospitality industry. 

However, this technology was still new and not widely implemented, putting the lock out of bounds for domestic use. As the technologies powering smart digital locks became more accessible and adaptable, companies began to design digital locks suitable for main doors and gates of homes. 


The Advent of Digital Technology for Home Locks

Today, the electronic locks of the past have evolved into digital locks by adapting the latest and best of digital technology to provide smart, intuitive, complex electronic security for our homes. In other words, the digital door lock allowed us to finally do away with the easy to copy and lose physical key.

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) companies have  begun to invent ways to adapt this technology to create better smart homes and offices. The fingerprint digital door lock for example has put the entry into your home literally at your fingertips – all you need to do is feed your fingerprint scan into the lock’s digital memory and it will unlock with a tap of your finger on the card scanner chip.  

Modern digital door locks offer the best control, flexibility, and convenience for home owners to create a home security system that is capable of providing customised safety according to each family’s needs. The last decade has seen rapid evolution in the digital smart lock segment with major global brands foraying into the digital lock market and boasting a stylish and diverse product range to cater to domestic, commercial, and industrial markets.  


The Benefit of a Digital Lock for Your Singapore Home

Digital locks have become a must-have for all homes, offices and commercial establishments in Singapore for the unmatched security they provide. Once you have secured your space with the smart technology of a digital door lock, you are assured that no matter what, no one can gain unauthorised access to your home or office. 

Digital door locks can be only unlocked using RFID card, access passcode, password, fingerprint scan, or bluetooth technology. You can create and grant access codes for everyone who is likely to access the lock including your children, care or cleaning staff, other family members and friends. The digital technology allows you to store and view access logs of all those who enter and exit your home. Even if there is any attempt to forcibly open the lock or tamper with the lock, you will get an instant alert on your smartphone, so that you can alert the authorities. 

At AN Digital Lock, you can explore the best quality digital locks from brands like Hafele, Philips, Schlage, Loghome and many more. With the vast range and budget options on our website, you are sure to find a digital door lock that would be a best fit for your HDB flat,condominium, or landed property main door in Singapore. Contact us for more information on our full suite of digital security devices.

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