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Singapore, on the road for smarter homes

Smart home singapore

First came the Smartphone. Then, there was the Smart Home. And now, we have a Smart Nation.

Singapore is fast becoming one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Singaporeans embrace technology so readily that the mobile phone penetration rate is higher than 140% — meaning many people have more than one mobile phone. And the government wants to harness this progressiveness and find ways to solve nearly every real-life problem throughout the city with technology.

Clearly, Singaporeans are uniquely open to embracing the newest technology in order to make their country a better, more efficient place.

Singapore’s Smart Homes

If you love the idea of a Smart Nation and want to incorporate technological solutions into your everyday life, a Smart home may be the perfect option for you. In a Smart home, devices that connect to WiFi or each other work together to make a more comfortable living experience for you. That might mean having a programmable smart thermometer program your air conditioner, using our Amazon Alexa to listen to music, or having a digital lock on your door that alerts you whenever anyone tries to enter your home. It’s all about the Internet of Things — the way that our everyday devices can now communicate with each other.

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The Hottest Smart Home Technology in Singapore

Smart homes are exploding in popularity, with more and more products coming out every day. The Internet of Things (IoT) brings new technological advancements to new devices and tools. Robot vacuum cleaners and Chromecast aren’t the cutting edge of IoT technology anymore. These days, we have everything from voice controlled virtual assistantsdigital locks, and bluetooth controlled light bulbs with smart settings.

Philip Hue Premium Smart Bulb by

An advertisement by The Tapestry condominium about their Wireless SMART Home System

An advertisement by The Tapestry condominium about their Wireless SMART Home System

Smart housing is such a popular movement right now that all the newest housing developments are integrating smart home technology throughout their properties. Touting their apartments as living in the lap of technological luxury, property managers clearly recognize how much modern renters and buyers want smart home integration in their living space. Such integrations usually include home security devices like smart home gateways with IP cameras, the main door sensor, and a secure digital lockset. They may also have a smart voice assistant like Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa, lighting control, and multiple AC controls.

Why Do We Need Smart Homes?

Smart home technology isn’t good just because it’s new. It’s good because it all makes our lives better or easier in some way. Consider this: you can use your Smart TV to watch a streaming surface, then check out YouTube to watch a cooking tutorial for dinner, and then have it play a Spotify playlist while you and your family sit down to eat. By having your computer be able to do all these things seamlessly (and probably via voice-control), you get to focus on spending time with your family.

And most importantly, Smart homes make your living area safer. For instance, a digital lock is not only convenient if you always forget your keys, it is also a better form of security than traditional locks. There is no physical key that criminals can steal and use to enter your home. And many digital locks work with gateway systems that use an IP camera and motion sensors to alert you about any visitors or attempted entries. Plus, you will never forget if you locked your door, and never have to stress out about letting in the dog walker while you’re at work or leaving a key for your guests. And the peace of mind being able to use an IP camera to see who is at your door is invaluable.

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Should You Start A Smart Home?

If you are ready to make your home in Singapore more secure and technologically connected, a great place to start is with security features, like a digital lock or a door viewer. If you have any questions about making your home safer and state of the art, contact us today!

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