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Samsung Digital Lock

With the many brands in the market, SAMSUNG have proven to be the leader in Singapore with the much variety of designs , functions and choices.

Year 2013 December, Singapore Samsung Distributor launch Push-Pull model digital door lock to carter for Singapore market and to fulfil uprising demand for the product. (Ever since Korean Drama was introduced, 


Digital Lock

'My Love From Another Star'来自星星的你) 

Push Pull model Samsung SHS-P718 , SHS-P717 has been born and very soon enough, it has become the most popular model in Singapore which covers 60% of the total Digital Door Lock being sold.

What so special about Push-pull over traditional handle lock?

Push-Pull Door Lock Traditional Handle Door lock
1.Push the handle to enter 1.Grab the handle
  2.Pull down the handle
  3.Push the door to enter


The Push-pull door lock minimizes the steps needed to open the door from 3 motions to 1 smooth motion. This means that when your hand is full, you do not need to drop your stuffs to grab the handle and twist to enter, you can just push in with whatever baggage you have like a boss. And since it only needs one push motion, you can have more creative ways to open the door!


1. Ease of use


SHS P718 & P717 registration is fairly straightforward. 

Changing master password takes 3 steps. Registering user password and user RFID card requires 4 steps. (one extra step to indicate user no. for easy deletion)

The difference between master password and user password is that master password is able to register and delete users on top of entering the house.


2. Mode of Access

-Fingerprint Access

For Push Pull model from Samsung, SHS-P718 and Latest Model DP-728 comes with optical biometric scan. 
All the models from Samsung that comes with fingerprint biometric access allow users to register up to 100 prints!

-RFID Access

All the models available in AN DIGITAL LOCK are RFID access, Below are some types of RFID to use.
Card (Rating: Average):

Normal bulky card like your credit card that fits nicely in your wallet.
Most likely you will be taking out your wallet or card holder for door access. 

Tag (Rating: Good):

Remember those times where people still use Nokia and Motorolla phone that allows a loop for handphone chain? This is built for those times. It is smaller than the standard card, and its attached loop allows it to fit well on anything with zippers.

Sticker (Rating: Recommended):

This is built for our current era. It is small and you can technically stick it anywhere.
Behind your watch, on your wallet, behind your phone cover etc.

-Pin Code Access

ALL the digital lock from Samsung comes with Pin Code access to enter. Best to use this access if you do not want to carry anything with you when u exercise / going for a run.

-Mechanical Overriding Key

Mortise Lock (Lock with handle) comes with mechanical key as a back-up in case of Power failure / Mechanism break-down. Learn more below.


3. Emergency Entry

Lets say after one year plus of usage and ignoring the low battery indicator alarm for a few months, the door lock finally went dead and no reaction when there is physical contact.
Override keyhole :

You can use any of the given 5 override keys to unlock the the door by opening the latch at the bottom and shoving the key up! the key hole~ It operates like any normal mechanical lock.

TipsDo not keep your override keys at home

9 Volt battery terminal:
This two protrusions are actually battery terminals that allows you to charge up the device temporary from a 9 volt battery (like an external battery) All you need to do is to align the positive and negative end to the terminal(side doesn’t matter) to charge the door lock up, and hold it there to operate the door lock like normal.

4. Auto-Locking

Do you have times when you feel paranoid and wonder on the way to work whether you have locked the door? Or instances when you are in a rush and locked the door like this?

Not anymore !

All mortise lock has a sensor switch attached to it. When the door is closed, the sensor will be retracted and the bolt will come out and lock the door. Ensuring that your door is always locked once it is closed.


Things to take note of before buying.

Gap from door to gate

The push-pull model has slightly thicker body than normal handles and other mortise locks like H705. If your door has a gate at the front of it, you might like to check the distance between the door to your gate to be at least 7cm to ensure that your new door lock handle will not be smashing with your gate.

Opening direction of your door

There are two types of doors, doors that open inward into the house when opened and doors that open outwards. The push pull door lock caters to both kinds of door but do ensure that you buy the correct one, as they are non interchangeable. Else, you will have an awkward door that you need to maintain the push direction of the handle while pulling to open the door. 

Color choice 

The design itself is pretty sleek. The choices of colour Gold / Silver is available in Singapore market to match designs of many different types of door. Normally user matches Gold colour lock with brown door. Silver colour lock for dark coloured door or door that comes with silver accessories like a vertical pull bar.


Latest: DP728

P718 ,  P717

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