4 Reasons Why You Should Have Digital Lock For Your Home And Office

4 Reasons Why You Should Have Digital Lock For Your Home And Office

The advancement of technology have come a long way, from using traditional padlock and conventional key locks to the invention of digital door locks. Ultimately everyone wants a safe and secure abode to their personal and their professional space. 

Digital Locks / Smart Locks basically are considered one of the best invention around in the home improvement sector so far. Well, let's look into the 3 main reasons of owning 1.

1) Convenience

Till date, there are still the majority people using conventional door lock that uses only mechanical keys to lock the door before leaving or entering. What can be more convenient than replacing it with a digital door lock that enable you to unlock via different access. Carrying a whole bunch of keys and misplacing your keys will no longer be worry to users. This also means that you do not require to search for your keys when you enter or exit your house. Imagine yourself having the need to rush to washroom for daily business, scrambling through your keys in the pocket.... (anxious emoji)

Use Digital Door Lock, Replace your Bunch of Keys

The different type of access includes: Biometric Fingerprint / RFID access (card , tag / sticker) / Number Pin Code / Bluetooth / WIFI access / Face Recognition

(Different Digital Lock Comes with Different Access)


2) Easy Access

Apart from the convenience on being "KEYLESS" , some digital lock also comes with double crossed latch which allows user to push the door with their body when carrying load of items. 

Technology advances with fast-paced lifestyle - we are all looking for ways to keep the process shorter and more efficient. Digital Lock grants you instant access simply by punching in passcode or scanning of your fingerprint. (You can head back home or work without carrying anything with you!)

Users can also unlock your door via using WIFI access. Imagine having a nice piece of prata in India, you can unlock the door for your weekly cleaner using your mobile app in just a few clicks away- That's how simple it has become!

3) Safe & Secure

Singapore has far been 1 of safest countries in the world. While having this in mind, it's always better to be safe than sorry. Consider the fact out of 100 people we have surveyed. 81% of the people have either lost their keys or even left their keys hanging outside the house as they have forgotten about it. 

Digital Door Lock enhance the security with it's auto-locking feature and alarm system. When you come back home or to the office, upon closing, the digital lock is smart enough to detect door closure with its built in sensor and hence extract the bolt to lock the door up.  This simple gesture comes a long way to provide the safety of your family members / colleagues. 

Intruder alarm , Digital Door Lock pin code entry

I'm sure we do not want uninvited guest / intruder to your house. The alarm system is built in as a form of protection on any strangers trying to break in. In the event there's more than 5 wrong try on the pin code. different digital lock acts differently, some will just stop access completely and "shut off" for few minutes, and some will sound off alarm to "shooo" away unwelcome guest.

4) Device Integration

Smart Home with Koble, Digital Lock Integration Partner

(Image by Koble, www.Koble.sg , Smart Home Partner)

With smart home on the rise, the demand for digital lock increases too. Currently more young couples are having the interest in making their home , smarter. 

Unlocking your door with fingerprint , turning on the air-conditioner with your voice, opening up the curtains with your app, all these will soon be the hype in future to come. 

Digital Lock too, will also be playing a part and allow linkage to your current smart home system. With all integration complete, it's a breeze to control the different device at home all in a single app on your phone or voice command with Google Home , Amazon Alexa etc. 


For people who have yet to install a digital door lock for home and office, check with your peers who have done it. Definitely, a Life-Changing experience. 

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