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Parallel-imported digital locks? Take extra caution. 

In the recent light of events, we realised that there are companies in the local market selling Parallel Imported SAMSUNG / YALE / KABA Digital Locks; These locks are designed to use in Korea (dry weather), as such, certain components are not suitable for high humidity conditions here in Singapore, which may cause malfunction or shorten the life of products i.e. Fingerprint Locks. Furthermore, most of these companies outsource the installations to freelancers and therefore, the workmanship is poor and not consistent.

A lot of consumers who purchased and installed these "Parallel Imported" digital locks have contacted us for re-installation of their Digital Locks and Break Lock services. They have since seen significant changes and improvements with our Locally Authorised sets compared to Parallel Imported sets.

Locally authorised digital locks for a peace of mind

Local Authorised SAMSUNG / YALE digital locks comes with an Administrator Password to control the unauthorised or accidental change of password, enrolment or deletion of cards whereas Parallel Imported sets do not come with such security features.

At AN Digital Locks, all our products come with 2 years local warranty and lifetime technical support. We will also provide free consultation and installation to all our potential and valued customers.

It all boils down to this very question:

What is the difference between Parallel Imported Digital Locks and Local Authorised Digital Locks?

We have list down 5 main differences for you. If in doubt, feel free to contact us and we shall provide a free consultation to you!

1) Master Password; Majority of Parallel Imported Digital Locks do not come with the "Master Password" function, which means anyone who can reach their hand to press a hidden button on the inside can register their PIN / card.

2) Climate Mechanism; Our Digital Locks are specially designed to suit Singapore's climate and weather. Some lock are designed to use in Korea (dry weather), certain components are not suitable for high humidity conditions which may cause malfunction or shorten the life of products.

3) Emergency Mechanical Keys; Majority of our Digital Locks come with mechanical over-riding keys in emergencies; Users will still be able to unlock the Digital Locks with the mechanical keys provided when unfortunate events such as mechanism failure and/or power failure happens.

4) Warranty; Local Authorised sets come with warranty All our Digital Locks come with 2 years warranty (1st year full parts and labour , 2nd year parts warranty) from installation date. Terms and Conditions apply; Remember to install door closer to prevent door slamming.

5) Language; Our sets are all available in English language (User Manual / Labels on the Digital Locks / Voice Assistance).


AN Digital Lock Workmanship

We will perform our utmost best to perfect every single detail of the installation.
Perfection; This is a promise we make.

Workmanship of AN Digital Lock


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