Should You Use a Digital Door Lock for Your Home in Singapore?

Whether you live in a HDB, a condominium or a landed property, knowing that your home and family is properly safe against danger will give you a peace of mind as you go about your daily lives. The first line of defense against unwanted intruders are often the main gates and doors of our homes. While a mechanical lock might be able to do the job of locking your door, digital smart locks come with a whole host of added benefits to improve your quality of life and experience as a homeowner. 

Read on to find out the reasons why investing in a digital door lock may be one of the best things to do for your home in Singapore.

Digital Door Locks for Added Security

Having a high-quality lock is non-negotiable to ensure the safety of your home. Digital door locks often come with various modes for access, including fingerprint access, RFID card access, pin code access and bluetooth app access. The one thing all of these methods have in common is the enhanced security they provide to your home. You will also be able to configure certain digital door locks to require the use of two  input methods (e.g. fingerprint and passcode) before allowing access, as well as in-built alarm systems in the event of forced entry from the outside, and child-proof locks to prevent accidental unlocking. All these added functionalities work together to enhance the security of your home. For more information, take a look at some of the most popular digital locks among Singaporean homeowners.

Digital Door Locks for Increased Convenience

One of the most rewarding benefits of investing in a digital door lock is the added convenience it brings to your life. From auto-locking functions that save you the worry of wondering if you remembered to lock your door when leaving home, to the ability to use your smartphone to grant remote access to visiting guests, digital door locks are made to improve your experience as a homeowner. No longer do you have to worry about misplacing your keys and locking yourself out of your home with the keyless access system provided by digital locks. Neither will you have to dig around for your  keys in your purse or bag. That being said, most digital locks will also come with mechanical keys for people who still want to also keep a physical key on their body. This will be especially convenient, perhaps for certain family members like the elderly, who prefer more traditional ways of opening a door or who need a bit of time to get used to new technologies. 

Digital Door Locks for a Sense of Luxury

We can all agree that the appearance of a sleek and elegant digital door lock on the main door of your HDB or condominium unit looks much better than a rusty, clanging padlock. First appearances count, especially if you’re hosting guests, and investing in a digital door lock can do much to add a chic, modern feel to the aesthetics of your home. Some digital door lock brands like igloohome are known for their minimalist and futuristic designs, while others like Kaadas signal luxury and opulence. Solity is popular with consumers for its sleek and ergonomic design and Philips is a long-time favourite for its contemporary and aesthetically pleasing look. Regardless, there will be a digital door lock to suit every taste. 

Smart products and from our smartphones to smart speakers are the future. If you’ve yet to hop on the smart home and home automation trend, why not start with a smart lock for your main door? Not only will you be 

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