In our technologically advanced world, digital innovations and smart solutions are becoming an increasingly integral part of our daily lives in Singapore. Products ranging from smart home speakers to robotic vacuum cleaners help make our lives more convenient and streamlined. Given the aforementioned convenience and an added layer of security, digital door locks are fast becoming a popular option among Singaporean homeowners.

We all agree that having to dig around for the keys to our main door is a hassle we’d rather avoid. If you just can’t be fussed with finicky door keys any longer or are searching for a sleek and high-tech solution to add to your arsenal of smart home products, a digital lock for your main door might be something you want to look into.

Read on for some factors you should take into consideration in your search for the best digital door lock for your home or HDB.

Consider the Access Mechanism of Your Digital Door Lock

Before you invest in a digital door lock for the main door of your house or HDB, consider the access mechanisms offered by different products. These mechanisms can range from fingerprint sensors, digital keypads, RFID cards to remote Bluetooth smartphone access. Many digital locks even provide multiple access methods for added convenience. Below are a few common ones

1. Fingerprint Access

It is common knowledge that no two human fingerprints are identical. By opting for a digital door lock with a fingerprint sensor, such as the Kaadas R7 Digital Door Lock, you can configure your HDB’s door to only open for biometrically recognised individuals.

2. Keypad Access

There are many digital door locks featuring keypad access. The user must key in the correct code to be granted access through the door or gate.

3. Bluetooth Keys

Bluetooth access keys allow homeowners to make use of their smartphone’s Bluetooth function to unlock the front door once it’s within range. Some brands like igloohome even have dedicated phone apps for added convenience.

4. RFID Card Access

Entering your home through RFID access is as simple as swiping your RFID card in front of the digital door lock. This access method is especially useful for commercial spaces where different access levels need to be configured. 

Consider the Aesthetics of Your Digital Door Lock

If you’re going to invest in a digital door lock, you’ll want to make sure that the lock’s aesthetic matches your main door, and hopefully, the rest of your home décor as well. While some locks only come in one colour, others like the Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-DP728 allow you to choose between silver and gold tones for a luxurious finish. You’ll also want to take into consideration the size of the lock. Locks with a larger surface area can be more ergonomic and allow more accuracy when keying in PIN codes. However, those looking for a minimalist design might want to opt for a more compact option like the Igloohome Deadbolt 2S (METAL GREY) Digital Lock, which is only slightly larger than the size of a bigger smartphone.

Consider Potential Smart Home Integration

If you’re in the process of establishing or already have a pre-existing smart-home system in place, you’ll want to make sure that your digital door lock fits in seamlessly with your existing home security system. If you are considering upping the security and convenience of your HDB or house, but don’t currently have a smart home system in place, consider shopping for the ASUS Basic SmartHome Package for a starter kit that includes everything from a digital door lock to a smart siren as the first step to a more convenient and secure lifestyle.

Shop Digital Door Locks for Your Main Door in Singapore

Head down to AN Digital Lock’s showrooms conveniently located throughout Singapore at Sembawang, Paya Lebar and Boon Lay to test out our range of digital door locks in-person before committing to a purchase. You can also contact our experts at +65 6966 6788 / +65 8161 7613 or through our online form regarding any questions you might have about the most suitable digital door lock for your needs.

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