A Trusted Digital Lock Brand - Brand Spotlight: Philips

Philips was founded in 1891 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, by the father-son duo Fredrik Philips and Gerard Philips. The globally renowned brand is the manufacturer of high-quality consumer products such as electronics, electronic components, medical imaging equipment, household appliances, lighting equipment, and computer and telecommunications equipment. 

Digital locks are catching up in popularity in Singapore, and Philips remains one of the top choices of customers due to the affordability, reliability and quality of their digital locks. Philips digital door locks are equipped with cutting edge technology to provide your home in Singapore unmatched home safety experience with their foolproof digital technology and stylish designs. You can enjoy the comfort of keyless security without worrying about budget constraints. 

Here are 4 of the most popular Philips digital door locks available on An Digital Lock. All locks are suitable for most hdb main doors of Singapore homes. 

1. Philips EasyKey 6100 Digital Door Lock

Philips EasyKey 6100 is a smartly designed, compact, and stylish push-pull door lock with 4 unlocking features. It’s a fully automatic mortise fingerprint digital door lock. The fingerprint sensor is integrated into the handle which makes for a very convenient locking and unlocking function. This feature also prevents the door from being unlocked from indoors, thus providing greater anti-theft protection. The lock is equipped with a superior C-grade lock cylinder which is uniquely designed to make the lock highly resistant to technical lock picking. To ensure extra security for your home, you can enable the dual protection mode by combining other security features like fingerprint password plus card to unlock the door. 

PAYMENT OPTIONS: $699.00 (or 3 instalments of $233.00 each) 

2. Philips EasyKey 9200 Digital Door Lock

Powered by IOT (Internet of Things) technology, this ultra stylish, ergonomically designed digital door lock with solid security features offers round the clock security for your home in Singapore. The Philips EasyKey 9200 Push/Pull Smart Lock provides one-touch unlock and auto lock functions with the choice of dual verification and also an option for Bluetooth unlock. If there is an attempt at  unauthorised access to the main door, the smart lock takes photos and videos which are then uploaded to the digital lock’s app. You will get an instant ‘abnormal alert’ on your smartphone allowing you to monitor your home security remotely and in real time. 

PAYMENT OPTIONS: $1,060.00 (or 3 instalments of $353.33 each) 

3. Philips EasyKey 5100 Digital Door Lock

The Philips EasyKey 5100 Rim Smart Lock features a sleek design and is easy to install on any condo door, office door or hdb door in Singapore. This auxiliary lock features fingerprint, card identification, and code verification functions for triple layered security. The fingerprint digital door lock has a semiconductor fingerprint sensor which enables accurate and fast recognition without the risk of duplicate or copied fingerprints being used.  You can rest easy knowing that your home or office is being protected at all hours by smart and theft-proof digital technology. 

PAYMENT OPTIONS: $499.00 (or 3 instalments of $166.33 each) 

4. Philips EasyKey 7300 Lever Digital Door Lock

The Philips EasyKey 7300 digital door lock is equipped with a 4-way foolproof durable mortises system. The fashionably designed lock gives your main door a modern appearance with perfect security. The anti-prying, anti-dismantling, anti-sawing and anti-collision features of this digital lock give your family home in Singapore unbeatable security at all times. 

PAYMENT OPTIONS: $780.00 (or 3 instalments of $260.00 each) 

Smart & Reliable Digital Home Security 

Protect your home in Singapore with the best range of Philips digital door locks in Singapore. AN Digital Lock is proud to be one of Philip's first authorised dealers in Singapore. We are one of the largest providers of the latest, top-notch digital security solutions providers in Singapore. For all your queries on digital door locks for your main door or a digital gate lock, contact us

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