A Household Name For Digital Locks - Brand Spotlight: Samsung

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Samsung is one of the world's leading brands in manufacturing innovative digital technology products. The company offers a wide range of digital door locks and home security products powered by smart technology and IoT. Samsung digital door locks suit most of the HDB main doors in Singapore. You can find digital gate locks, glass door locks and main door locks in versatile designs to secure your home and ensure the safety of your children and family round the clock.

Here are our 4 top picks of the best digital locks from Samsung.


1. Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-DP728

The Samsung SHS-DP 728 Digital Door Lock is sleek, stylish and available in attractive metallic shades to complement the rich hues of most wooden main doors. The fingerprint digital lock is equipped with an innovative push-pull handle system for a convenient closing and opening experience. The push-pull functionality also means that you can rest assured knowing that your children will be able to easily operate the lock since there is no need to adjust the handle’s direction to open it. When it comes to the various modes of entry, you can use its advanced fingerprint scan, a RFID Card, PIN access, Mechanical Key, or Bluetooth to unlock the door. The door access event log will also be instantly available on the sHome mobile app, and you will get real-time push notifications on doorlock activity Enhanced security is delivered by the in-built IR sensor of this digital door lock - the sensor not only detects motion to trigger the automatic wake up feature but also detects any suspicious movements. 

PAYMENT OPTIONS: $860.00 (or 3 instalments of $286.67 each) 


2. Samsung Digital Door Lock SHP-DH538

The Samsung SHP-DH538 Digital Door Lock is another attractive smart digital lock. Labelled to be one of the smartest lever doorlock, it boastsadvanced features like one-touch direct fingerprint technology and intuitive LED touch pad to ensure smooth operation and high security. By providing parents the opportunity to child-proof with its assurance knob feature, parents will not have to worry about their little ones wandering off away from home. This digital door lock is also equipped with an anti-theft mode. When activated, it will trigger an alarm if there is an attempt to unlock the door from inside. Paired with an intrusion alarm, the lock will trigger an alarm if there are multiple failed entry attempts or any attempt at forced entry. This advanced lock is equipped with a built-in sensor that detects abnormally high temperature, which then triggers the High Temperature Alarm, to automatically unlock the door for a quick and immediate escape.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: $799.00 (or 3 instalments of $266.33 each) 


3. Samsung Digital Glass Door Lock SHS-G510

The specially designed Samsung Digital Glass Door Lock SHS-G510 is best suited for frameless glass doors. The stylish lock enhances the appearance and security of commercial establishments like offices and showrooms. You can unlock the lock with an RFID card, Pin code or a RFID Tag. The automatic switchable keypad display and double latch means that the lock can be installed easily either on the left or right side of the door, regardless of the use direction. There is also a one-touch anti-theft setup function that you can activate to ensure that the Anti-Theft Mode triggers an alarm when the lock is tampered with. 

PAYMENT OPTIONS: $495.00 (or 3 instalments of $165.00 each) 


4. Samsung Digital Door Lock SHP-DS705

The compact and stylishly designed Samsung Digital Door Lock SHP-DS705 is a RIM lock that support Bluetooth, RFID Card, PIN Code and RFID Tag unlock access methods. This digital door lock is also equipped with an IR sensor on the lock which automatically ‘wakes up’ the lock once it detects motion. With an intruder proof feature, all it takes is one touch to burglar proof your home. The anti-theft system makes this possible by setting off an alarm when the lock is operated from the inside. Moreover, you can access the in-and-out activity log through the sHome Doorlock app, so you can keep a track of everyone who is entering and leaving your abode. You can even upgrade the lock to integrate with the Samsung Connect Home smart home system. 

PAYMENT OPTIONS: $385.00 (or 3 instalments of $128.33 each) 


One-Stop Digital Home Security Solutions in Singapore

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