Our homes are the sanctuaries where we wind down after a busy day at work.  More than that, homes form the spaces we hope to build a family and raise our children well in. The importance of feeling safe and secure in your own home cannot be overstated in the quest for a comfortable living environment. We all want for our days to pass as peacefully as possible. Regardless of whether your live in an HDB, a condominium or landed property, crimes can happen even in a relatively secure country like Singapore.

Home security goes beyond the lock we have on our main doors. In this blog, we will highlight 5 digital security products beyond the main door lock that you can use to boost the safety of your home and surroundings. 

Digital Safe Boxes

A high-quality digital safe box is a must-have when it comes to state-of-the-art security for your valuables, important documents and sentimental keepsakes. At AN Digital Lock, we offer a range of fire- and water-resistant safes in various sizes from premium brands like Nika and Nikawa. Our best-selling safe, the Nika NT310 Fire Resistant Security Safe is a compact and fortified option for those hoping to save space in their HDBs or smaller homes in Singapore. This practical, entry-level digital safe with 2 locking bolts and 2 hinge-side dead bolts is operated through a personal pin but also comes with 1 master key and 2 user keys. We also offer other safes that operate through a biometric fingerprint system such as such the Nikawa SWF 2420F Fire & Water Security Safe.

Digital Door Viewers

Identify visitors to your home with a digital door viewer. Featuring safety enhancing features like motion sensors, HD video, smartphone app integration and cloud recording, our curated range of digital door viewers complement our digital door locks as the first line of defense against intruders to your home. Those interested in an all-rounder digital door viewer will appreciate the features provided by the EQUES S1 Pro Digital Door Viewer. With 2-way audio, motion detection and a double camera system with a 7-inch wide display, this family-friendly digital viewer will provide a clear view of who is on the other side of your door. You can also use the EQUES smartphone app to get a real-time view streamed directly to your phone.

Digital Letterbox Lock

Complete the keyless experience with a digital lock for your letterbox. Lightweight and durable, the Nikawa Digital LetterBox Lock is a stylish digital alternative for your HDB’s letterbox door. This home security product uses a CR battery and requires no drilling for installation. It also deters malicious tampering as 3 wrong entries of the pincode will set of an alarm for 30 seconds. Available in sleek colour options of silver or black, this digital letter box lock adds a dose of convenience on top of security.

4. Digital Pad Lock

The Igloohome Smart Padlock provides a versatile balance between security and convenience. There’s no longer any need to dig around for keys or remember complicated passwords with this mobile-app enabled padlock. Fit for both indoors and outdoors, in both wet and dry conditions, this padlock can be used to secure your bicycle, your HDB’s main gate or your garage door. Designed with a unique algoPINTM technology, you’ll be able to send grant and gain access by configuring your lock with a range of one-time, time-sensitive or permanent pin codes. You don’t even have to be near the padlock to be able to send access keys to friends and family.

5. Bonus: CCTV Cameras for Office Spaces

Our homes are not the only spaces we hope to keep secure. Consider installing a CCTV camera outside or in the premises of your office in Singapore to monitor any foul play. The presence of a CCTV system will also deter any unforeseen intentional damage to your office property.

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