The fingerprint is a measurable biological used for identification of an individual and not able to be scanned or copied. Therefore, fingerprint digital door locks use high-tech fingerprint recognition technology that is the best way to access in and out of the building without worrying misplaced, stolen, or lost keys/password. Hafele  PP8100 is the perfect choice enhanced with outstanding security features.

  • Emergency warning system
  • Panic release handle method
  • One touch etiquette (Silent)
  • Battery residual identification & Replacement time alarm function
  • Double verification - combine 2-in-3 verification ways to unlock (fingerprint / rfid cards / pincode)
  • Defense mode- if someone exits from inside, the lock will alarm 20 seconds
  • Privacy function - When the double lock function is activated, the door cannot be opened for outside with user pincode, RFID cards or fingerprint, except with the master pincode or mechanical keys
  • Prevent mischief and hacking - when entered the wrong user pincode / RFID card / fingerprint for 10 consecutive times, the lock is suspended for 5 minutes. While the lock is suspended, the system will alarm when you are trying to use the keypad.


Hafele GL5600 Gate lock