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Why Digital Lock?


For first time users, this is a common question that many people ask.

Why Digital Lock?

Many home owners ponder the differences in using digital lock compared to traditional door lock. Well, we shall breakdown this into 2 main differences:


1) Security

Till date, many Singaporeans are using conventional type of door locks that uses only mechanical keys to unlock the door. Ask yourself this question. Have you lost your keys before? Have you forgotten about your keys that was left outside the house after you unlock the door? Well, most of us do. Immediate action was to pray that nobody knows where you stay or perhaps to change the lock as soon as possible. 

Demand for Digital Door Lock have increase over the past years and this is 1 of the main reason why... There's no need for mechanical keys! Digital Locks comes in various types. Majority or almost All the locks have numeric pin code access and is match with either fingerprint or even RFID access to gain entry. Over the past years, with technology advancement, some digital door locks also come with integration of both and using of bluetooth access. Some may ask what happen if RFID is lost? This is the benefit of using digital, that user are able to delete directly from their lock set. Instead of spending more money to replace a new 1.

Digital Door Locks also comes with an alarm system whereby it will be triggered when there is a presence of intrusion / break-in. Therefore, in terms of security, will pass off better compared to normal lock.

2) Convenience

Many users find it a hassle in finding your keys even when it is inside your pocket. Some may also left keys inside the car or perhaps in the office. Digital Lock do not require physical keys to unlock the door due to the different access provided.

The different type of access includes: Fingerprint / RFID (card) / Number Pin Code / Key / Bluetooth / Zwave (phone/smart devices)  *take note different lock comes with different access*

Which means even when you left the house without anything on your pocket, coming back home would not be an issue with the usage of Digital Lock. 

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